Information and guidance for individuals and families



Seniors and vulnerable populations

Stay home, stay informed, stay in touch.

Physical distancing doesn’t mean being entirely isolated. Calling, texting, and staying in contact with your friends, family and neighbours keeps us connected and helps provide everyone with the support they need.

Do you or someone you know need:

  • Groceries or meals? If YES, contact your local food bank or call Food Depot Alimentaire at 1-506-383-4281.
  • Medicine or medical attention? If YES, call your doctor’s office or 811 for help. In an emergency, call 911.
  • Protection from abuse, neglect, or exploitation? IF YES, call Adult Protection at 1-888-99-ABUSE, or call your regional office of the Department of Social Development.
  • Community support? If YES, the following options, among others, are available to support you during this time.

In addition, a number of community services are available to provide support. To see what is available in your area, please visit the New Brunswick Community Services Database.

If you or someone you need require home support, or residential care, please contact your regional office of the Department of Social Development.