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Share your views – Provide input on a variety of issues being examined by the Government of New Brunswick.


Ongoing Consultations


Red tape, paperwork and administrative overload are common obstacles identified by professionals in the public education system that can distract them from their core mandate – supporting students.

 Public Review of Draft Regulations

 Public Review of Draft Regulations

The Government of New Brunswick is developing an Output-Based Pricing System for New Brunswick’s large industrial emitters, including electricity generators.

Once every five years, New Brunswickers are asked to share their views on the issue of poverty and economic and social inclusion in New Brunswick through a public engagement process which includes a survey, public dialogues and a call for briefs.

 Public Review of Draft Regulations

The Task Force was announced May 30, 2017 by the Minister of Post-Secondary Education Training and Labour (PETL) to review New Brunswick’s Worker’s Compensation system focusing on short term solutions and long term sustainability.

Draft regulations are available for public review and input. This is part of government efforts to increase transparency.

 Public Review of Draft Regulations

EIA is a process through which the environmental impacts potentially resulting from a proposed project are identified and assessed early in the planning process. It is a proactive, preventative approach to environmental management and protection.